Special Arrangements

The ladies that work with Real Party Girls are interested in anything new, challenging and unconventional. This is why in case you want something not exactly typical, the divas at our agency will respond with charming impatience.

Special arrangements for special people. We can simply not think of anything more important than you, our darling clients, who we respect and value endlessly. This is why we present to your attention a different view on escort services. If anywhere in this description you find yourself, or see something intriguing, don’t be shy, text us. We would like to inform you that whatever the communication between us, it will remain fully confidential. We also promise there is no reason for you to worry about discretion, or anything else for that matter. And when we promise something, we stand by it with our name. Real Party Girls is an agency that keeps its promises.

Let’s keep being honest with each other and open up another topic. Not everybody has the chance to find their soulmate in life. How many times has it happened that you were invited to an important event and everyone’s there with their significant other? Does that make you feel out of place? Yes, we fully understand. Well, since you’re here with us, we’d like to give you some good news. Put an end to all worry and lonely nights!

However, how can you be sure that a complete stranger, such as a London escort girl, can be the best choice? Well, let us introduce our divas. Each one of them is trained to perfection in how to dress accordingly for the event she’s been invited to. But appearance is not everything these party girls will impress you with. Or impress the people you’re with for that matter. Our girls have the perfect manners and are real ladies through and through.

Also, if you want to organise a special event or a fun party for you and your friends or business partners, you can trust us with it. You can book girls who will make your time worth the while.

Hot dinner dates with Real Party Girls

Why would you spend the night at your hotel room or your home when you can meet one of our London party girls? Book whichever one of them you want and take her out to dinner. This will provide you with the company of a charming enchantress. One that will not simply sit, stare and look pretty. She will excite you with pleasant companionship, plenty of interesting topics of conversation and much more. However, the more we’ll keep a secret so you can be pleasantly surprised when you are left alone with your girl.

A passionate night under the stars

Do you like walks outside? Escpecially during the late hours, when the night is looking its finest? The only thing you’re lacking is company. Not just any company, but one pleasant, non-engaging and memorable. Well, the one thing left to do is browse through our website’s gallery and choose your London party girl. And when this happens, only the night can tell what it witnessed.

A sexy tour guide around town

This is your first time in London and you need a private tour guide? Well, hiring an escort is not always only for sexual services. Yes, our London party girls are exceptionally attractive but this is not their only quality. We work with intelligent ladies who would love to accompany you on your first tour around town.

Couple’s services

At Real Party Girls we offer not only services for the gentlemen, but also for couples who are not conservative in their views of life. If you would like to spice things up and you would like a girl for the purpose, then browse our gallery and pick one.

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